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There is a great difference between having sex and love making ( making love).


Having sex or sex is something that doesn't often or don’t even involve real feelings or even a committed, real relationship. These often occur when ones seeking pleasure from one-night stands. Never in any real emotions or deep feelings; it's ONLY about the pleasure of the act.


Making love is between two people who are in love with each other, and who share that emotional bond with one another, they care very much about making their partner feel cherished and taken care of. When someone who is in love makes love to their partner, they take care of all their needs, not just sexually. They will take time by doing foreplay and making their lover feel loved. They are attentive to their partners every needs and desires.

Dudes, next time don’t ask your wife or partner for sex. You don’t want five fingerprints left on your face.

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