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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 11:25
  1. Can anyone consume REVIVAL FOR MEN?

Only for Men, above 18 years of age.


Can I consume REVIVAL FOR MEN in long term basis? What are the benefits?

Yes. Long term consumption - it will help boost up and maintain “24 hours readiness” in the aspects of faster erections, increased hardness, prevention of premature ejaculations – all as and when needed.


  1. What is the maximum dosage per day or week?

Not more than 2 capsules per day. It is recommend to consume 2-4 capsules of REVIVAL FOR MEN for maintenance weekly

  1. Is REVIVAL FOR MEN safe?
Yes, because it is 100% natural – without any Western Pharmaceuticals added to it.

  1. Can I take REVIVAL FOR MEN with alcohol?

Yes. But it strongly recommended to consume it with plain water. Please avoid consuming with Revival For Men with tea.


  1. When can I take REVIVAL FOR MEN and recommendation?

Preferably 60 minutes before sex, with an empty stomach. Empty stomach refers to about 3-4 hours after meal


  1. Can I mix REVIVAL FOR MEN with other supplements or medications?
  2. No. It is advisable to seek personal doctor advice

  1. What is the expiry date and how should I keep it?

Up to 3 years from production date. Store it in a cool, dark place.


  1. Is REVIVAL FOR MEN drug or supplement?

It is a 100% herbal supplement, never a drug.

  1. Are there any adverse side effects?


Is it safe to take REVIVAL FOR MEN if I have a heart problem, hypertension, diabetes or other medical condition?
Yes, it is safe. However one must ensure that the act of sex itself must not be too strenuous, that might aggravate any of the above problems.

Is REVIVAL FOR MEN clinically proven and tested ?
Yes, it is clinically proven and tested.

How long will it take to get results?

As fast as 30 -60 minutes for some, especially those below age 30
Preferably 1 – 2 hours before sex and always with an empty stomach.

  1. How does REVIVAL FOR MEN works?
  2. REVIVAL FOR MEN – increases the formation of testosterone in one’s body to youthful level, thereby boosting sexual desire - and therefore improving blood flow to the penis.

  1. How long can the effect last?
  2. Results may vary depending on individuals’ response. Overall, it will last inside your body 3-4 days. Some of our customers even last up to a week with 2 capsules.
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