Penis Enlargement Cream



Revival Manhood Traditional Massage Cream- Instant Benefits


  • Fusion of Western and Asian Formula
  • 3 In 1 Power - Enhance Erection, Enlargement And Delay Ejaculation
  • Long Lasting Erection
  • Turgidity– Increase Stream- less Blood Flow & Rejuvenate 6,666 Penis Veins


Special formulated massage cream to achieve a desirable size. Increase in penis length and thickness with the easiest, safest and natural way. Guaranteed with a permanent size!


Revival For Men Penis Enlargement Massage is a concentrated cream topical preparation containing a proprietary blend of medicinal leech and selected botanicals herbal extracts.


Just apply a quarter size dab into the palm of your hand. Massage the penis gently in an outward motion for 3-5 minutes. Allow it absorb directly into the shaft of the penis which creates more tissue, making the penis thicker, wider, and harder


How It Workscorpus-cavernosum

The active ingredients will immerse into Corpus Cavernosum in the penis, by making them larger and increasing the blood flow which creates the erection. The result is immediate making the penis thicker.

Revival For Men Penis Enlargement Massage Cream simultaneous rejuvenates and increases the capacity of all erectile tissues.

Longer, thicker and firmer penis is easily achievable! Now you can dump away all your gimmick penis enlargement pump and penis enlargement pills!

* For personal hygiene and safety purpose

Please do not share the penis enlargement massage cream

  • Natural Penis Enlargement

    Simply wrap your penis with a clean warm damp cloth for 3 minutes. Remove the cloth and allow the penis to dry. Apply a quarter size tab into the palm of your hand and perform a massage along the penis shaft in an outward motion for 3 -5 minutes. Lastly, clean it off with warm water and soap.

    You are required to perform the massage on a daily basis. You will experience a significant result within the first 7 days. Firmer, thicker and longer penis size.

    21 days later you will achieve a remarkable result! Unbelievable increment in both length and thickness. Not just that, you will also experience a firmer, faster erection compare to 21 days ago!

    For best results: Consume 1 capsule of Revival For Men 60 minutes before the massage. It will enhances and speed up the whole enlargement process by 30 %.

  • For Premature Ejaculation
  • Apply a small size tab on the head of your penis. Spread it evenly and allow it to absorb fully into the tissues. Clean it off with warm water and soap. It will helps in delay ejaculation.

Please Take Note

* Revival For Men Penis Enlargement Massage Cream is not suitable for oral. Ensure that you clean it off thoroughly with warm water and soap after each application.