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i collected a small box from bro bonex. and i want to say it is a fcuking waste of money!

why? because after my tryst with my 2 fb from Norway over Sat and Sun.. i was still so horny that i need to book an appointment a big boobs fl, Man Ni, at near mid night to satisfy myself when the 2 girls did video conference with their work mates back in Europe. (i will write the FR for this fl later.)

so over the whole weekend, the two ladies and i were basically locked on to each others body in the hotel room, fucking.. only to take toilet and meal breaks.. before i sent them to changi to continue their transit to NZ for work this morning. they will be back in 2 weeks time, i will be waiting fer them. even now i am still horny as hell and is going to make another appointment with a fl for a lunch time fuck.

so the moral of the story is, revival is a waste of money because it will make u want to fuck and fuck...: because i only took HALF a capsule.. and the effect is huge and very hard, very good for weekend marathon sex sessions!!