Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Fringe929

Hiya bros, have tried them on the 21st, taking 2 pills on wednesday and took another 2 on friday for weekend action with gf.

It does REALLY work. GF commented that it has been super hard all the while and it really extended the duration by a few times per normal. I did use it with the cream and oil, massaging it on wednesday, thursday and friday.

One thing is that i may have over dosed myself as 4 pills in 3 days gave me a headache and face seem bloated with redness.. guess i should have just taken 1 on friday instead of 2.

Anyway, after those 2 pills on friday evening, the effect last till sunday afternoon and during the evening, did not really work anymore.

Will keep working on the oil and cream together for the next 5 days till the next weekend and will let u guys know if there has really been an increase in size and length as per "promised" in the commercial.