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September 13, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator
My encounters with Revival for Men pills


It must have been due to age (37+) ,work stress and daily PCC habit. My brother have recently failed to stay erected long enough for the entire penetration session. Whether it's with my OC or FL, this have spoilt the mood and confidence of myself initiating those long and sweating fuck sessions.


So, seeing so many brothers tried it with success, I too ordered Revival myself last week. Took only three working days to arrive through registered mail from Malaysia, in a discreet packing declaring itself as health supplements.


Instruction on the box says to consume two pills for first timer, and I did after late breakfast at 11am on last Saturday with my OC away for the weekend. There were no effects felt after 30mins as stated in the instruction that came with the box.
Feeling anxious, I read the instructions again, it says to take the pills with empty stomach for fastest results. Aiyah, too bad, never read properly, so lan lan, wait.

The Sign

Three hours later at about 2pm, was watching TV, saw some AngMo on TV pang pua liap, can feel my small brother awaken. Strangely, it woke up to a full solid hardness which occurs to me mostly during BBBJ and FJ. Took about 20 mins of thoughts diversion before softening takes place.


Gaining confidence, call my regular FL and she happens to have a 3pm slot free. Booked a 120/2 session at 3pm.

I must say it was a very sextisfying session with unusual hardness and no signs of flacidness in the first 30mins round after a short BBBJ. With a short 10 mins rest and wash-up, the second BBBJ starts and omg, it's rock hard again. The second session took all 40mins with changing a few positions in the process. This time, it's not about my brother going flaccid, it's my body stamina buay tahan, got to finish it off with her riding on me instead, not something I usually allows . FL also commented that I was unusually long-lasting today


I start feeling my head gradually getting heavy after the 3rd hour, coincidentally when I get the first full hard-on watching TV. I guess this is what the rest term as headache. I dont feel it's exactly a headache, just feel head is a bit heavy. It's a small issue when I could enjoy through the 2 shots. It lasted till I go to bed at 1am.
Woke up tomorrow and the heavy head is gone, but with a super hard-on.

Action, Take II

Called another regular FL and booked a 1pm slot on following day.
Had another 2 shots with her without any flaccidness in sight. Again, it's my body stamina that made me resort into cumming, else, could have tahan longer.


Got my confidence back anytime for those long and sweaty sessions again.
My body muscle ached due to unusal amount of bed exercise in the short period of time. Think must exercise more for a much more enjoyable sessions.

Will try out single pill this coming weekend and review the effect.