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Wonders it take how long to grow 1.5 inches extra long???
dependent on the following

1. Basic body composition (what you already have)
2. Effort + discipline (how much effort you put in + maintaining that effort for long)
3. Technique (how well you do your massages)
4. Diet + Exercise + Healthy lifestyle (how healthy you are and how fit you are will affect male hormones production)

What we can help with is basically 2, 3 and 4. Asians not very big, we are not like ang mohs have LONG flaccid hangs. Most of us asians when not erect will look depressingly small, this is because we are more "growers" than "show-ers". Asian dicks are also most of the hardder when rigid.

Girth or thickness is also part of penis growth, if the dick only grows longer, and remains thin that ain't good either, when you start penis enlargement, most of the time you will feel that your erection is thicker, that your glans is bigger also.

How it works? Actually a penis doesn't grow, but like other part of the body, it has the ability to adapt itself to conditioning, look at the race of people that have ultra long necks, or china women with extremely small feet, or pierced ears will heal itself when there is no constant stud/obstacle present. By letting the penis adapt to having more blood flow into it, it will compensate itself and grow larger in capacity to hold that amount of blood demand it is introduced to. Which is why enlargement is an ongoing progress.

So we are a little behind, thus we will need a longer period to attain a good length. Effort and discipline is one of the most important factor. If you don't discipline yourself to the development of your body and your manhood, and just doing it now and then, i would say just to not even begin.

Long story short 1.5 inch, can take 3 months fastest to 1 year or 2 years. One thing to note is, it will be very slow at the beginning, as one has to learn how to do the massages correctly. And it is usually best not too rush things. You cannot do 100 crunches when you never done any before (i had a friend that actually tried doing something like that, end up tore up his abs muscles completely, can't do crunches after that)

Hope this is not a boring read suddenly felt like typing lots.