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December 15, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator
tks to bro Bonex. bought a pack from you, initially for my friend P(mid 40s and virgin trip going to Batam) to try and was tempt by own friend to try some myself. OK lo, both us took the pills with some soft boiled eggs(breakfast in harbourfront), together with one more friend.
Reach Batam around 10plus, check into hotel and went looking for 'assignment', went to few places (sorry couldn't remember any names, just know its nearby Hotel Harmonic). Finally choosen our picks, went for lunch and back to hotel wait for stocks arrival. Start drinking (Double aged cask Black Label) in the rooms while waiting. Stocks arrived in P's room, thought we wanted mass orgy cos 3 men lying on bed, side by side..hahahs so funny look on their face.
TCSS and more drinks(actually finish whole 1litre in 1hrs time), drag my stock (Lisa) to my room. Start action in bath tub, quite fast end. Shit, thot the effects of pill doesn't apply to me. Time prove me wrong, 2nd round was awesome, i did a full action for 46mins (yes, i got a habit to time my rounds). OMFG, my legs are wobbly once touches the floor. Slept thru till abt 4pm, 3rd round start when i feel my blanket moving. Fxxk!! did for 53mins, no urge to cum. BTH liao, stop action cos stock oso tired from many position.
After dinner and more drinks (heineken, myers rum), 4th round same as second one, 5th round just after abt 1hr rest. 6th in the early mornings just b4 breakfast. Lisa gg back at 10am, so went shower get ready to go. Sit down watch some cartoon, She rubba my legs and voila, strip her and have the farewell bonk.
Call P out TCSS, ask him the effects..AWESOME bro..
All in all, i reach my virgin 7 rounds in just less than 12 hours, till my legs gave way.
Kudos Bro Bonex, the pills is magical...