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December 15, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

Originally Posted by walle
Wonders it take how long to grow 1.5 inches extra long???
dependent on the following

1. Basic body composition (what you already have)
2. Effort + discipline (how much effort you put in + maintaining that effort for long)
3. Technique (how well you do your massages)
4. Diet + Exercise + Healthy lifestyle (how healthy you are and how fit you are will affect male hormones production)

What we can help with is basically 2, 3 and 4. Asians not very big, we are not like ang mohs have LONG flaccid hangs. Most of us asians when not erect will look depressingly small, this is because we are more "growers" than "show-ers". Asian dicks are also most of the hardder when rigid.

Girth or thickness is also part of penis growth, if the dick only grows longer, and remains thin that ain't good either, when you start penis enlargement, most of the time you will feel that your erection is thicker, that your glans is bigger also.

How it works? Actually a penis doesn't grow, but like other part of the body, it has the ability to adapt itself to conditioning, look at the race of people that have ultra long necks, or china women with extremely small feet, or pierced ears will heal itself when there is no constant stud/obstacle present. By letting the penis adapt to having more blood flow into it, it will compensate itself and grow larger in capacity to hold that amount of blood demand it is introduced to. Which is why enlargement is an ongoing progress.

So we are a little behind, thus we will need a longer period to attain a good length. Effort and discipline is one of the most important factor. If you don't discipline yourself to the development of your body and your manhood, and just doing it now and then, i would say just to not even begin.

Long story short 1.5 inch, can take 3 months fastest to 1 year or 2 years. One thing to note is, it will be very slow at the beginning, as one has to learn how to do the massages correctly. And it is usually best not too rush things. You cannot do 100 crunches when you never done any before (i had a friend that actually tried doing something like that, end up tore up his abs muscles completely, can't do crunches after that)

Hope this is not a boring read suddenly felt like typing lots.

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December 15, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

tks to bro Bonex. bought a pack from you, initially for my friend P(mid 40s and virgin trip going to Batam) to try and was tempt by own friend to try some myself. OK lo, both us took the pills with some soft boiled eggs(breakfast in harbourfront), together with one more friend.
Reach Batam around 10plus, check into hotel and went looking for 'assignment', went to few places (sorry couldn't remember any names, just know its nearby Hotel Harmonic). Finally choosen our picks, went for lunch and back to hotel wait for stocks arrival. Start drinking (Double aged cask Black Label) in the rooms while waiting. Stocks arrived in P's room, thought we wanted mass orgy cos 3 men lying on bed, side by side..hahahs so funny look on their face.
TCSS and more drinks(actually finish whole 1litre in 1hrs time), drag my stock (Lisa) to my room. Start action in bath tub, quite fast end. Shit, thot the effects of pill doesn't apply to me. Time prove me wrong, 2nd round was awesome, i did a full action for 46mins (yes, i got a habit to time my rounds). OMFG, my legs are wobbly once touches the floor. Slept thru till abt 4pm, 3rd round start when i feel my blanket moving. Fxxk!! did for 53mins, no urge to cum. BTH liao, stop action cos stock oso tired from many position.
After dinner and more drinks (heineken, myers rum), 4th round same as second one, 5th round just after abt 1hr rest. 6th in the early mornings just b4 breakfast. Lisa gg back at 10am, so went shower get ready to go. Sit down watch some cartoon, She rubba my legs and voila, strip her and have the farewell bonk.
Call P out TCSS, ask him the effects..AWESOME bro..
All in all, i reach my virgin 7 rounds in just less than 12 hours, till my legs gave way.
Kudos Bro Bonex, the pills is magical...

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Wonderfulworld

December 15, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

my review on this pill...

1st trial... take 1pill about 3pm after lunch (ya did not follow instruction)...
about 8+pm... start having action... can feel the hard on is much quicker and firmer...
the hard on remains even after I'm done and while showering... cool....
at nite, had difficulty sleeping due to headache and some chest discomfortable...
next morning ... chest is ok , headache lessen... whole day feel tired and restless at work, maybe due to the headache...
started drinking tea as suggested by bros here... and the headache did improved...

few days later.. pop 1 pill after dinner (ya did not follow instruction again) before going to my drinking session, thinking to have some wild action... but too bad no action that nite... feeling abit wasted with the pill... but I was wrong, as about 3 days later during the next action, I can still feel the effect of the pill (firmer hard on, hard on after action)... ya and the side-effect also , this time only experience headache...

so far only popped 2 pills... cos dun really like the headache... but i would say from the 2 trials...the pill really works... but sure about the long term effect of this pills... hope the bros that had taken for 1year+ can add more reviews on long term effect....


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December 03, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

Hi bros... newbie here. Got my box 3 weeks ago after ordering online. After that, quickly booked for my first bonk. Hahaha!

I must say, it really works! Definitely harder and longer lasting! I think it lasted 2-3 days for me. :-)

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Walle

November 27, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

bought the cream and use for 4-5 days, result shown...a little bit lah...longer a little bit and thicker, but very angrier look when challenged, hhahahaa.....when u just apply the cream, u felt not so sensitive on ur bro head, can tahan longer, not the numb type but less sensitive, will continue to use till grown untill 9 inches.....good stufff

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum shagger

November 16, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

managed to get a couple of revival pills from one of the bro here. took one one hour before my massage session. after 1.5 hour, did not feel any erection only the heart beating faster and the head throbbing. just before fj, went to pee as feeling high tide. after peeing, the little brother comes alive and got a solid erection. managed to get a good screw. after one day, the cock still feeling stiff but no other side effect.

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November 07, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

Just got home. Spent the afternoon with my fb before she went to work. Not suppose to bonk today but maybe because of the rain. So...never pop in any pill. Had a pill on Thursday and today still works wonders. This fb of mine loves mutiple shots and she loves organism after organism. One thing bros, some may have headach some may not have. Though I dont have any headache but I must admit that if you pop in a pill and no bonk or release you are likely to have an headache. And also dont expect to take the pill now be it empty stomach or not and expect the full effect in 1 or 2 hours time.....you might be disappointed. Best is give yourself at least 4 to 5 hours to experience the full effect. I have experience taking the pill today.........but no bonk and only bonk 1 day later and the effect I think is even better. This is my experience, yours may be different. Happy bonking.

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September 13, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

My encounters with Revival for Men pills


It must have been due to age (37+) ,work stress and daily PCC habit. My brother have recently failed to stay erected long enough for the entire penetration session. Whether it's with my OC or FL, this have spoilt the mood and confidence of myself initiating those long and sweating fuck sessions.


So, seeing so many brothers tried it with success, I too ordered Revival myself last week. Took only three working days to arrive through registered mail from Malaysia, in a discreet packing declaring itself as health supplements.


Instruction on the box says to consume two pills for first timer, and I did after late breakfast at 11am on last Saturday with my OC away for the weekend. There were no effects felt after 30mins as stated in the instruction that came with the box.
Feeling anxious, I read the instructions again, it says to take the pills with empty stomach for fastest results. Aiyah, too bad, never read properly, so lan lan, wait.

The Sign

Three hours later at about 2pm, was watching TV, saw some AngMo on TV pang pua liap, can feel my small brother awaken. Strangely, it woke up to a full solid hardness which occurs to me mostly during BBBJ and FJ. Took about 20 mins of thoughts diversion before softening takes place.


Gaining confidence, call my regular FL and she happens to have a 3pm slot free. Booked a 120/2 session at 3pm.

I must say it was a very sextisfying session with unusual hardness and no signs of flacidness in the first 30mins round after a short BBBJ. With a short 10 mins rest and wash-up, the second BBBJ starts and omg, it's rock hard again. The second session took all 40mins with changing a few positions in the process. This time, it's not about my brother going flaccid, it's my body stamina buay tahan, got to finish it off with her riding on me instead, not something I usually allows . FL also commented that I was unusually long-lasting today


I start feeling my head gradually getting heavy after the 3rd hour, coincidentally when I get the first full hard-on watching TV. I guess this is what the rest term as headache. I dont feel it's exactly a headache, just feel head is a bit heavy. It's a small issue when I could enjoy through the 2 shots. It lasted till I go to bed at 1am.
Woke up tomorrow and the heavy head is gone, but with a super hard-on.

Action, Take II

Called another regular FL and booked a 1pm slot on following day.
Had another 2 shots with her without any flaccidness in sight. Again, it's my body stamina that made me resort into cumming, else, could have tahan longer.


Got my confidence back anytime for those long and sweaty sessions again.
My body muscle ached due to unusal amount of bed exercise in the short period of time. Think must exercise more for a much more enjoyable sessions.

Will try out single pill this coming weekend and review the effect.

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Men Healths

August 18, 2010 Blog by Administrator

Men Healths

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August 18, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

Agreed with bro explorerblue... Need some time to really maintain it...
I was on those pill for more than 6 months le... Luckily stock in alot last time, if not, there's a period of time where it stop for months... sad sio...

Anyway, recommendation is to take 2 pills weekly. bro fringe, sounds like you overdose le... Tried not to take more than 2 within 48hours for sure... And another tips is to take during empty stomach. Or maybe at least 3hrs after meal. It makes the effect comes faster, and last longer too. =D

I'm in mid 30s le. Took le, done with gf can go for many many rounds... and stay hard on... my gf also shocked upon seeing it too =X

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum BonEx

August 12, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

A tube last me about 1 month, actually i am using the massage oil version, should be about the same or better with cream

rather than some lengths i gain slight increase in girth as well. erection looks angrier and harder, maybe because i stopped masturbation as regularly as well, the most only once every 3 days. there is quite a bit to research on and having the time to go maintain and stretch and exercise the penis.

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Women Favorite Sex Position

August 01, 2010 Blog by Administrator

Variations on the woman on top sex position

The woman lies on top

The physical feelings here can be intense. The intensity will depend chiefly on how close the woman keeps her legs together. If she lies with her legs inside the man's and keeps them very close together, his penis will be squeezed in a way that is hard to achieve in any other sexual position, and though he is likely to ejaculate quickly, the feelings will be stronger for the woman as well. For a woman who likes the sense of penetration and the feeling of her man's penis inside her, this is a powerful experience.

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Fringe929

Hiya bros, have tried them on the 21st, taking 2 pills on wednesday and took another 2 on friday for weekend action with gf.

It does REALLY work. GF commented that it has been super hard all the while and it really extended the duration by a few times per normal. I did use it with the cream and oil, massaging it on wednesday, thursday and friday.

One thing is that i may have over dosed myself as 4 pills in 3 days gave me a headache and face seem bloated with redness.. guess i should have just taken 1 on friday instead of 2.

Anyway, after those 2 pills on friday evening, the effect last till sunday afternoon and during the evening, did not really work anymore.

Will keep working on the oil and cream together for the next 5 days till the next weekend and will let u guys know if there has really been an increase in size and length as per "promised" in the commercial.

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum drowsy25

Hi everyone..

Just wanna share some personal experience after taking the pills..

Tried one in the night around 11plus and the effect kicks in after around 45mins. You will be having sex at lease twice or maybe 3 times after taking it..really prolong the time btw..haha normally i will do it only once.. you will still get erected even if are asleep or when u wake up in the morning and btw it will not make you horny..Lols..After all i would say these pills are quite good if you are going to places like hotel to spend the night or go to that kind of 90mins/2shots thing...

8/10 for the rating..

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum drowsy25

Hi there,

Really new from this forum..btw heard you guys talking abt the revival for men pills..haha..just collected after i ordered from the website 4 days ago..tried once and the effect will last you for days makes you real hard even when you are asleeps during the night..really prolong the time when with girlfriend...Lols..

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Erratic

Seeing is believing. Tested is convincing !

Truly remarkable result. The penis cream is working pretty well for me.
After 10 days of the penis cream application, my dick is getting very responsive.

Every morning sure gets a rock hard erection . I felt much better and strong erection even without consuming the Revival Capsules. Like rejuvenate my dick back to my youth. Even my girl told me it is thicker than before, need to open her mouth wider in order to stuff in.

Any bro here experience the same effect like me ?

Anyone try the Revival Penis Enlargement Oil, just want to know which one works better ?

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum sticky5

Tried that and tested on FL. What a great result from rounds to rounds of pleasures. Will keep my orders going.
Not at all Bro. Feel great with those but have to consume with a empty stomach or few hours after food to take effect for lasting shots.

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum dick3007

Just purchase 1 box and test with my wife and FB for the past two day
my wife say I was different and I last longer and bang her ever harder.
my FB say I dont cim easily, ever after cim I dont rest and just continue to bang her and she really enjoy it.
tks to Bros TS, I only take one capsule and I perform much better,I dont get headache,blur vision or any side effect. hope there will be more promotion so that I can buy more.

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Bigangry

i collected a small box from bro bonex. and i want to say it is a fcuking waste of money!

why? because after my tryst with my 2 fb from Norway over Sat and Sun.. i was still so horny that i need to book an appointment a big boobs fl, Man Ni, at near mid night to satisfy myself when the 2 girls did video conference with their work mates back in Europe. (i will write the FR for this fl later.)

so over the whole weekend, the two ladies and i were basically locked on to each others body in the hotel room, fucking.. only to take toilet and meal breaks.. before i sent them to changi to continue their transit to NZ for work this morning. they will be back in 2 weeks time, i will be waiting fer them. even now i am still horny as hell and is going to make another appointment with a fl for a lunch time fuck.

so the moral of the story is, revival is a waste of money because it will make u want to fuck and fuck...: because i only took HALF a capsule.. and the effect is huge and very hard, very good for weekend marathon sex sessions!!

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Testimonials From Sammyboyforum Explorerblue

January 27, 2010 Revival Testimonials by Administrator

Recd my revival 2days back, tired taking 2 caps... Like no feeling... Hahaha maybe old Liao takes longer time to absorb. ... Met my gal when we starts frenching and she caress my Didi.... Fwah immediately marikita!!! She also surprise how come my Didi react so fast m hard. Hahaha .... Had a good shag. After I cummed still hard. Will order more since now got promo. Haha. Bros give a try... So far no side effects. Cheers!!!

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